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Welcome to [Natural Feeling Science]

When a fire engine sped away with their siren wailing, why the sound chages its tone higher to lower? What is radio wave, or electro-magnetic wave? How does it propagate?Traditionally, scientis explan this phenoma using mathematical equations of wave propagation, which is rather complicated, and actually it is hard to undersand for most of us who did not take physics course in school, (or even who took it).

When he was a student in Kyushu university, he had a dream to make radiation visible with somewhat, same as we see rainbow in sky, which is actually "the spectrum of light in physics".

In 1984, HP computer came on market, and he found one at his laboratory, but it was CPU 32 kHz, 64 kB memory only with tiny graphic display. He made the first verson of "Radiation2D", only 40 lines software using HP-BASIC, which nicely showed snap shot of light propagating in space, but, one screen took one minute. Now, thanks to the todays advanced PC computer technology, we can enjoy the Radiation2D in realy-time animation, that is, 30 frames per send, as if you are watching a movie.

Prof. Ryoji Noyori, director of RIKEN, Nober laureate in chemics in 2001, visted us, he enjyoed this Radiation2D, and excited as if he was a chiled, he saids "Natue is amazing!"

Up to now, more than ten thouthands dowloads have been sent out to whole over the world, Europe, US, Russia, Africa and Aisia.