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Welcome to Shintake Laboratory.
My nickname is Terre, which means lands or earth in Italian.
Making our history and dreaming our future, times goes steady with our mother planet of earth.
However, over flooded information around us and unclear future in front of us, sometime we accept sad decision by scarifying weaker. Science, nature, human society, and family. Communicating and supporting each others, we live on this planet, while it might be necessary to have physical strength of our heart. I donft hear excuse or explanations. But, we can restart from a step, making yourself nicer, and your surrounding better.

Yuriko Shintake
Art designer. Graduated Tokyo kyobashi high school. Experienced the advertising business, a real estate agent, assistant in scientific research. Talked with many entrepreneurs. Life concept gNew Life Adventureh. Hobby: photography, cooking, automobile, assembling PC hardware. Wine hunting and tasting. Lives with husband at Tatsuno-city Hyogo Japan.


I contribute to G8 childrenfs summit for environmental reserve.