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Making Pizza Oven


Smoke Oven(under construction)

Mutotsu is a port nature made perfect. We have fresh fieshes, octopas from the sea right in frot. In summer, we have good "Hamo fish", which are transfereed to Kyoto. We receved frequenty good fished from friends in our village. This is nice, but we do not have good super-market nearby, thus it is really uncovienet to live here. We do not have good restaurant, for example.
One day, we were talking about life in Tokyo, and missing those good oppotunity. I told them "OK, I will make a oven to give you a good pizza!", that was third year after we came here. When I was around 30 years old, I jointed a project at Frascati laboratory, where I spend one year. I still remember how they were making pizza using oven.
I quickly made a design drawing after my memory, and bouth 100 of blicks from exterier shop near by us. ......from RIKEN Journal, Feb. 2008

We made Pizza Oven!

In order to suppor, 300 kg of blickes, we need steady base construction. 4 row and 6 coloms, in total 24 array in base, we use woods to support in each blick center, just stands on ground. To keep good horizontal accuracy, I used equipment of water level, which I bought in a 100 YEN shop. (one dollar shop).

Filling small rocks in between those wood supports, in order to make them steady for long time of usage. Then, we put a wood plate of 20 mm thick, the laids brickes, followed by three walls in right and left, and back side,. The high temperature cement material does not gives any binding force, just it fills in gaps.

We want to make the arch structure as like the drawing in right. However, most difficult point is "How can form the arch using pieces of blicks". It is well knows, that the arch is not stif enought before it is completed.
Before knowing this difficulty, I saw the arch structure without any intentions. Now it becomes a realistic and big problem to me.
After depp throught, I finally diceided to make a wooden structure to support the arch and burn it at the last moment.
A week later after cementing the structure, I burned it. Finally, we found the remained structure of the arch!
We made the pizza oven, finnaly!
But, suddenly I found a mistake. Oh, sit! Way of stucking the brickes is wrong. Anyway, I made it, it looks OK. All of you, probalely understand which point is wrong, carefully look at the drawing.
This was a dramatic seea. We took a photo, but about two years ago, because the computer disk was crashed, all of the data was lost forever...11011010110111010011...)、


We made wide opening in front side, to make easier cleaning inside. If you design the front opening narrow, while it gives better codition for uniform temperature and good thermal efficiency, but it makes difficult to make the overn and also hard to clean up iside after usage.
Therefore, I put a remountable front door. When I start firing wookds, I remoce the front door, and provide good air flow. After certain time of firing (about 30 minutes), I mount the front door, with opening the small air intake to keep the fire burning.
There is a hidden trick inside the front door. It frame work is made by wood. It can be burne out at high temperature. To keep the wood frame, I filled sands from sea side, and packed with a thin steel plate.
At high temperature, even the temperature exceeds firning limit, the sand stop the air flow inside and prevents the woods structure from fireing.
I like myself this trick very much. Just a sand workes perfectly

The right drawing is the original technical design of pizza overn. You will find it is quite different from what actually made. After trial to make pizza overn, I realized there were so many problems in actual work, that why the real one is quite different. Difficulty was in the arch structure. It is hard to make the arch as shown in the original design, we need more deep arc to supprt its weight.
Same as this example, in the accelerator sience, which is my speciality, we encounter sometimes similar problem. Improtant point is do not throuwn away your idea, but keep doing it until you are satisfied.

About two hours before backing the pizza, I start burning fire. Rolling new paper and pille up small branches, and woods, then fire it. Keep fire well, to heat up the bricks. It is necessary the bricks being well heated up, since we bake pizza by heat from the brickes, not from the fire of the woods. That why we need two hours before baking pizza. The most important part of the bricks to bake pizza is the floor. If the floor part is still cool, only the top part of the pizza will be burned, while bottom part is still row. Therefore, burn the fire on the floor bricks, the right before baking, move out those firing woods to back. As shown in the skectch, the blicks laid on the wood plate, which keeps good thermal insulation. And, if there are too much ash on the floor, which makes thermal insulation, and prevent the floor blocks from heating. Therefore, it is necessary to keep clean up floor where the place where pizza will be backed. It is good way to blow air by a thin wood or round fan. About the size of the width, our oven is made wider than 30 cm, thus it is easy to clean up the floor.
When the woods are well burned, and when it does not make smoke, close the front panel and heat up it.
Looking in from the small window, buring woods can be seen. We push back those, when we bake pizza.

Using flour of duram cemoria Italiana, making a ball. For a few hours later, streach wide on a cooking paper. Olive oil, and tomato paste, and toppings you want, and cheese at the last. Then thorw the pizza into the oven, quickely. If the temperature is right, the cooking paper will be burned in a minute. After five minute, take it out from the oven, and cutt it, enjoy with your friends.
But your task it to prepare the oven, with tasting the pizza, bring back the burning woods in front.

Pusing back the buring woods, to make plase for baking pizza. Now, put the pizza into. Tis is quite exciting event. That why we let our gust to do this. Again, there is cooking paper under the pizza, which will be burned in a minute, this is the best. Our pizza oven has 70 cm deep, while the pizza is about 30 cm diameter round, thus we may put the pizza in the front part of the oven.
In a minute, you will find a good smell from the oven, backed cheese! Please, take it, have wine, and beer.